Direct search assignments have covered the entire Onninen division from industry and infrastructure to electrical and HVAC operations.

Thorough service

Tuocon has been Onnine Oy’s direct search partner since 2016. Direct search assignments have covered the entire Onninen division from industry and infrstructure to electrical and HVAC operations.

Searches have been carried out in the organization for overall managerial positions. Cooperation in the form of recruitment has often continued with the recruit selected for the position. We have also been a recruitment partner when looking for new experts or sales teams.

Close cooperation

Lasse Vilminko, who was hired as the regional sales director for the Eastern Finland sales area in 2017, is one of the recruits selected into Onninen via Tuocon’s direct search process. Close cooperation has continued after the recruitment. “From my own experience of participating in Tuocon’s direct search process, after being elected, I stated that I would happily continue our cooperation. From the job seekers point of view, I felt that staying on agreed schedules and communicating were different from the mainstream”

This has also been mentioned by other individuals that have been recruited into Onninen by Tuocon. Both the recruited individual and the company have been happy with how Tuocon has implemented aftercare. “This gives us the impression that Tuocon wishes to cooperate with us on a long-term and that they are genuinely interested in how successfully the process was carried out from the perspective of all parties.” says Lasse Vilminko.

Onninen palvelee teknisen tukkukaupan yritysasiakkaita ja on Suomessa alansa markkinajohtaja. Onninen tarjoaa kattavan valikoiman tuotteita ja palvelukokonaisuuksia urakoitsijoille, teollisuudelle, infra-alan toimijoille ja jälleenmyyntiasiakkaille. Onninen Express -myymäläverkoston, tehokkaiden logististen kokonaisratkaisujen ja monikanavaisen asiointikokemuksen kautta Onninen on ammattilaisen luotettava kumppani. Onninen on toiminut alalla vuodesta 1913.

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