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Tuocon serve you locally in Turku area. Welcome to visit our office in Turku at Tykistökatu 4.
You can also request a visit in your chosen location.


Tuocon Oy
Tykistökatu 4
20520 Turku

Johanna Eskola

Ronja Rosman

Consultant, Business Coach,

+358 40 590 4600

Linda Korpela

Team Lead, Area Manager

+358 50 3080 932

Maija Talvinen suorahakukonsultti Tuocon Maija Talvinen vapaa-aika DSCN0278

Maija Talvinen

Area and Development Manager

+358 400 883966

Lauri Taalikka Tuocon

Lauri Taalikka


Success is the result of action. We do not only carry out our customers wishes but we concentrate on assisting our customers in making smart decisions. This requires craftsmanship and a deep commitment to face the challenges of business. The reward however is years of trust-built customer relationships.


Strengthen team spirit, support change.

We strengthen team spirit, support change and develop the resilience of individuals and organizations.


High quality outplacement-service takes care of your employer image and outbound experts.

Tuocon’s effective change protection is a humane, future oriented and responsible way to manage staff reductions.

Interim temporary management

Change or a challenging project ahead?

You can have access to temporary specialized staff such as experts or management.


Succeed in recruiting.

Successful recruitment requires hard work, a vision and extensive experience, our multi-professional team at Tuocon provides just that.


Find experts or management for demanding positions.

Successful recruitment by hand and with a quality guarantee. Our team at Tuocon will do their best to recruit the best possible experts for you company.

Business coaching

Open up opportunities for action and broaden perspectives through coaching.

Business coaching energizes the trainee for change and increases resilience. A confidential coaching relationship is a profitable resource.

Research and development services

The roots of our business. Does your company want to gain knowledge on the opportunities in the market or how day-today management works in your organization We at Tuocon identify and provide researched information to support your decision making.

Tuocon offices

Koskenparras 5 Imatra
Tietotie 9
Rautatienkatu 21
Tykistu00f6katu 4, 20520 Turku, Suomi
Kauppakatu 39, 40100 Jyvu00e4skylu00e4, Suomi

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