If needed, FCG will go to Tuocon for all of their human resource services. Diversity is one of the strengths of the cooperation.

If needed, FCG will go to Tuocon for all of their human resources services

Tuocon has cooperated with FCG in direct searches and provided research and development services. The wide range of services has facilitated cooperation and made the daily lives of FCG employees easier.

“Versatility is a clear asset. We have access to all human resource services through Tuocon when we want.” Santala describes. We began collaborating in 2015 and as out partnership strengthened, a framework agreement was signed in 2018, which deepened the confidential relationship with FCG’s design business. 

“In practical terms, the framework agreement allows for quick and agile assignments because the team at Tuocon know us we and vice versa. The cooperation works very well.” Says Pauli Santala, CEO of FCG suunnittelu ja tekniikka Oy.


There have been over sixty recruitments for FCG and we have been involved in building new teams. Searches have routinely been carried out from managerial level positions to expert positions. FCG’s multidisciplinary, responsible and high-quality operations also place high demands on recruitment. Tuocon’s professional and ethical activities support he image of FCG and their aim to be the most attractive employer in their field. In addition, Tuocon’s flexible and service-oriented operations have made an impact- the recruitment team has a wide range of expertise and the service can be provided worldwide.

“Activeness and willingness describe the activities well. With regard to the direct searches, I would like to thank you for the comprehensive list of candidates, from which we have been able to select suitable team members.”

Research and development services

Cooperation with FCG has also included the provision of research and development services in situations where external consulting and concrete operational development have been necessary. The projects implemented in the collaboration have included the mapping of acquisition targets from 2017 and the facilitation of FCG’s strategy days in 2018.

FCG Finnish Consulting Group is a Finnish success story. The multidisciplinary and international consulting house, which employs more than 800 members of staff, is building a better world. The design of sustainable urban infrastructure, solutions for the use of renewable energy and the circular economy are just a few examples of this.

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