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Here we are. Almost at the same point as we were before the summer holidays. What will happen next? Will there be lock downs? New restrictions coming? How are our employees managing? How are the leaders doing? How are WE doing? The same questions as before.

The new way of working is ongoing. It’s time to take the next step. Let’s move forward and show our employees and organization that we are taking action. We are ready and we know what to do and how.

FIRST, ASK. Participate employees. Open communication is key. How are they doing? What has been positive/negative so far? What are their expectations and what kind of working environment they would benefit from? Some of the employees may prefer a virtual working environment, some would like to return the offices, and some would like the combination, or something else. Ask about clarity of communication.  Has there been enough official team meetings, virtual coffee breaks and “corridor discussions”? Ask about employee welfare issues and leadership. By asking and talking to our employees, leaders and HR show that the voice of the employees’ matter.

SECOND, ACT. After discussions, transparent actions are needed. Be agile enough, make actions visible. Link the steps with the feedback from the employees. Show that it has been worth participating. In this second step, involve all managers as they are in a key position in coaching their teams. Formulate your organization’s rules in a way that supports the future actions.

THIRD, ACTIVATE. You need to get the whole organization on board. Create “meeting points” and sense of belonging. Empowered employees join and support participation.

It is impossible to know what tomorrow will bring. However, we can be quite sure that there will be some difficult times ahead. The world of work is undergoing unprecedented changes. That is why safe steering is needed. Be determined and show the way.

Start preparing for the future. It is not too late for that. 

Kati Tanninen, D.Sc. (Econ)


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