The importance of a functional working environment

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How does company culture and a close community affect your energy level and well-being at the workplace?

Alison Coleman (2017) writes about these different attributes in her article in The Guardian. Employees’ motivation and morale remain high when understanding which factors affect their well-being at work, and this is also the key to a productive business. In other words, it is crucial for companies to make an effort to provide good working conditions in order to keep their employees satisfied. A content and motivated staff performs better, which in turn leads to results for the company.

Why do people love their job, and what do they want their work environment to look like? These are important questions that need to be addressed. Coleman talks about the fact that salary and work-related benefits are not the only driving forces for a happy employee. Flexibility, personal growth, and overall company culture are essential attributes for thriving at work.

Being new at my current position at Tuocon, I must say that I have felt extremely welcome and immediately became a part of our small community. I can say from experience that this has affected my well-being significantly and I feel excited for each new week!  Everyone has been extremely helpful, and it is part of our culture to assist one another as much as we can. After all, we are a team, and no one should be left alone.

The before-mentioned flexibility is tightly connected to choosing where and how you work. Personally, this is the first time I have the possibility to work from home, which is great! I enjoy working remotely, but it is also nice to come to the office every now and then. I find that balancing these two is the ideal option for me and having the freedom to choose is very liberating.

During the ongoing pandemic, several companies have not been able to arrange events outside of work or even provide their staff with the possibility to work from the office. This has probably influenced these companies’ culture to a certain extent; however, everyone is different, and it is important to understand the needs of each individual. In other words, employees should be offered the possibility to choose their own working environment in order for them to be as productive as possible.

To summarize: when a happy and functional work community is the goal (which should always be the case), it is essential to create an environment where everyone can thrive, which in turn results in a successful business.

Read more about the subject from Coleman’s article:


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